3 Ways To Make Any Girl Want To Be Your Girlfriend

If you have your eyes set on one special girl, you may be wondering how to turn all of the flirtation and casual dates into something more long-term and serious. Making the change from an informal dating relationship to one that’s exclusive can be a challenging and somewhat intimidating proposition for both parties. There are a number of factors to consider as you deliberate about asking a girl to be your girlfriend.

Can you see yourself with this girl for the long-haul? Are you both ready to be committed to one person, as individuals? Do you have similar goals and interests in life or will your relationship be a constant battle from day one?

If you answer positively to all three of the above questions, then it’s time to gauge her interest as well. Let’s discuss a few helpful tips you can employ to make any girl want to be your girlfriend, and if you haven’t already, read this post as well: “Girlfriend Activation System V2 Review – Program Of The Year, Again?” It’s my favorite way to get a girlfriend.

1. Make Her A Priority, But Not Your ONLY Priority

If she’s a girl you’re sincerely interested in on a more meaningful level, then make sure you find the time to show her that. If you care about her, she warrants a level of attention you wouldn’t give to every girl you meet. She should be a priority in your life, but it’s also important not to make her your ONLY priority, as you need to maintain your individuality and also have a life outside of her.

When you make her a priority in your life, you demonstrate a level of commitment that indicates you’re ready to take things to the next level. What you have to figure out for yourself is whether or not she’s willing to make you just as much of a priority in her life.

Relationships are two-way streets. They won’t work if one person is on a pedestal and the other lives to serve. So as you make time for her, remember to gauge whether or not she’s on the same page by how much time she makes for you.

2. Ask Her Meaningful Questions

The chit-chat during casual dates (particularly the first few) usually doesn’t plumb the depths of the soul. If you haven’t already, ask about her past, her belief system, maybe her dreams, or her passions. Find out what makes this girl tick.

And – this is important – really listen to her answers.

The best way to make any girl want to be your girlfriend is to show her that you’re genuinely interested in who she is as a person.

3. Surprise Her

Now, I’m not talking about showering her with gifts like you see in the movies. Yes, everyone (guys and girls both) loves a thoughtful surprise now and again. But I’m talking about keeping things interesting.

Make her want to be your girlfriend by showing her the fun, spontaneous sides of you that you might tend to keep under wraps around other people. No one wants to date a stick in the mud, or someone so predictable the relationship becomes stale and boring.

Keep things interesting and exciting, and she’ll want to spend more time with you. After all, life should be an adventure!

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